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Petroleum Dyes
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Petroleum Dyes
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Petromate Liquid Dyes are used in coloration of petroleum products, primarily Gasoline, but also in Aircraft and Diesel Fuels, Lubricants, Hydraulics Fluids, High Boiling Distillates, Grease, Home heating Oils, Gasoline Additives and Kerosene.

From identifying sources and tax enforcement to detection of leak the uses of Petromate Liquid Dyes are numerous. Thus these products also help in identification of.

Fuel Adulteration - Corporate Identity - Tax Evasion - Errors in mixing/ Blending.

Petromate Liquid dyes also help to create differentiation in various Petroleum products such as e Leaded & Unleaded - High & Low Octane Gasoline - High & Low Sulphur Diesel - Aviation Fuels Attributes:

Petromate Liquid Dyes are virtually chemically identical to the equivalent liquid dyes of other manufacturers presently being used in petroleum industry. Therefore Petromate Liquid Dyes can immediatly substitute those liquid dyes which are currently being used in petroleum industry, without any disruption of operations.

Petromate Liquid Dyes are true liquid dye solution and thus offer advantage of having near zero insolubles, a distict advantage over powder dyes based liquid solutions. Petromate Liquid Dyes are available in full range of colours, encompassing all applications in petroleum products while having little or no impact on the properties and behavior.

Petromate Liquid Dyes are dust free, highly soluable and readily handled. They are not extracted by water and remain colour fast under normal conditions. Consistant quality of these dyes make them the most reliable colouring product in petroleum industry.


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