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Acid Dyes
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Acid Dyes
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These are Monosulphonated 1:2 Metal Complex Dyes characterized by

  • Excellent Fastness to light.
  • Suitable for the production of medium & heavy shades for automotive end-uses where high fastness is of prime importance.
  • Excellent Compatibility
  • Good wet fastness
  • Wide shade gamut
  • Good level dyeing properties
  • On Polyamide, optimum coverage of barre when dyes are applied at elevated temperatures (105 - 120 Deg. C.)
  • Good partition on Wool / Nylon blends.
  • Suitable for low temperature dyeing
  • Suitable for dyeing of all fiber blends with wool.
  • Selected dyes suitable for resist and displacement printing of carpets






+ Acid Dyes
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