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Wood Stains
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Wood Stains
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Wood Stains dyes are selected Metal complex dyes which are particularly suited to wood stains for furniture because of their high light fastness. They are soluble in water and suitable for application by various processes employed in wood coloration using Aqueous based stains or selected solvent, particularly Methoxy propanol or Ethoxy propanol. Wood Stains dyes are supplied in highly concentratec form to enable the highest color yields to be attainted with low concentration typically 1.0% or less.

The illustration were prepared by dipping Sycamore Veneer into in to an aqueous stain composed of 0.25-1.0 parts Wood Stains dyes 0-15 parts Methoxy propanol Balance parts water Methoxy propanol was only added in case where water solubility was p,)Or to moderate in full dye concentration and resulted in excellent dye solubility in the wood stains. Finally the stains were over lacquered with a commercial polyurethane varnish.

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